Key Features of SHUDHU

  • It needs 30 minutes to exert its action.
  • The maximum water that can be purified per SHUDHU tablet of 67mg is 20 liters.
  • It has high quality of effervescent compound used the tablet gets dissolved in 5-10 minutes after putting the tablet.
  • SHUDHU- Sodium Dichloroisocynrate compound is that it does not react if the bacterias, viruses, parasites, protozoas are absent in the water.
  • It reacts only if these living microorganisms are present in the water. Hence this does not affect body.
  • SHUDHU Tablets will not colour the water or leave an unpleasant taste
  • SHUDHU Tablet should be stored in cool and dry place and has a shelf life of 2 years.
  • Proper dosage as instructed, the water can be consumed for two days (48 hours)