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Mission-TO Provide Safe Drinking Water.

Shudhu is Wockhardt Foundation initiative that aims at providing clean drinking water across India and the world over. Our endeavor is to educate the masses about the importance of clean drinking water, and to give them access to one of the most efficient, easy and economical water purification method available.
Shudhu is a NaDcc(Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate) Tablet that purifies up to 20 liters of water at one time, in 30 minutes. It rids water of all pathogens, without leaving any odors or color, making it safe for drinking and cooking needs.

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To work towards and fight for the upliftment of the poor, weak and needy.
Wockhardt Foundation is a national, secular, non-profit organization engaged in human welfare and social service activities. It is headed by its inspiration-the noble philanthropist, inspiring thinker, voracious writer, and spell-binding Dr. Huzaifa Khorakiwala.
Wockhardt Foundation is a three part movement of human values, social awakening and social development carried on by its Warriors.
Dr. Huzaifa Khorakiwala says – “Our dual mission of a healthier body and a happier mind keeps us fully energised and engrossed to serve with selflessness and be a beacon of hope to humanity.”

Approvals and Tests

  • Approval of NaDCC

  • World Health Organization Approvals of NaDCC
  • Bureau of Indian Standard Approvals Of NaDCC
  • Food and Drugs Administration
  • Shudhu Test Results

  • Haffkine Institute (Mumbai) Test Result
  • Institute for Analysis of Dairy Food and Cultures Test Result



  • Some Statistics

  • 3.4 million people die each year from a water related disease (that’s almost the entire city of Los Angeles)
  • Every 20 seconds, a child dies from a water related illness
  • In 2000, 2.4 billion people lacked access to improved sanitation. 81% of these were in rural areas.
  • In 2000, 1.1 billion people lacked access to improved water sources. 86% of these were in rural areas.
  • Coverage for both improved water supply and sanitation lags behind in the poorest communities – in rural areas and in- in rural areas and in urban/peri-urban slums.
  • Only 53% of the sub-Saharan population is served with sanitation services. – In South Central Asia only 38% of the population is served with sanitation services


  • Some Statistics

  • Studies and statistics proved that Water-borne diseases are one of the major causes of Health Disruptions in India
  • 37.7 Millions Indians are affected by Water-Borne diseases annually
  • 1.5 Million Children die in india die annually from water – Borne Diseases
  • The World Bank estimates 21% of Communicable Diseases in India are water related
  • 500,000 Man Years are lost every year to due Water – Borne Diseases



  • Shudhu is a Wockhardt Foundation initiative that aims at providing CLEAN and PURE drinking water across india.
  • Shudhu is an NaDCC tablet that kills ALL pathogens in water, making it absolutely pure and safe to drink without the hassle of using electricity, changing filters or worrying about recontamination
  • NaDCC is WHO and Bureau of Indian Standard Approved (among others) as an effective water disinfectant and is being used in over 67 countries for more than 15 years to purify drinking water
  • NaDCC is widely used for Disaster Management and by the Defense Forces across the world to purify drinking water
  • SHUDHU is the most Easy, Efficient and Economical Method of Water Purification
  • EASY – Just drop into any container of 10-20 Liters Water and water is purified within 30 Minutes
  • EFFICIENT – Kills ALL pathogens in Water due to Antibacterial, Antiviral and Antiprotozoal Properties.
  • Therefore, Shudhu prevents ALL Communicable Waterborne Diseases such as Diarrhea,Jaundice, Cholera, Dysentery, Polio, and Giardia etc.
  • Keeps Water pure and safe to drink for over 48 hours.
  • ECONOMICAL– Each Shudhu tablet costs Re.1 and Purifies up to 20 liters of Water (5 Paisa per liter)
  • States where Shudhu is extensively being distributed – Maharashtra, Goa, Uttarakhand, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Tamilnadu

Key Features of Shudhu

  • It needs 30 minutes to exert its action.
  • The maximum water that can be purified per SHUDHU tablet of 67mg is 20 liters
  • It has high quality of effervescent compound used the tablet gets dissolved in 5-10 minutes after putting the tablet.
  • SHUDHU- Sodium Dichloroisocynrate compound is that it does not react if the bacterias, viruses, parasites, protozoas are absent in the water.
  • It reacts only if these living microorganisms are present in the water. Hence this does not affect body.
  • SHUDHU Tablets will not colour the water or leave an unpleasant taste
  • SHUDHU Tablet should be stored in cool and dry place and has a shelf life of 2 years..
  • Proper dosage as instructed, the water can be consumed for two days (48 hours).


Advantages of using Shudhu

  • Non-toxic (unlike Chlorine tablets/gas or Bleaching Powder)
  • No Bad Smell/Taste
  • No sediments
  • Long Lasting – for up to 48 hours
  • Prevents Re-contamination
  • Prevents Formation of Bio-Films
  • Not inactivated by Water Pollution
  • Not affected by PH Levels
  • Makes water potable




House Hold Expense (Per Family)

  • Quantity ( 1 container containing 30 tablets)
  • Price Per Tablet
  • Product Content Quantity
  • Monthly Requirement
  • Total Monthly Expense
  • Total 6 Month Expense
  • Total Annual Expense
  • Total No. of Tablets needed p.a
  • Beneficiaries
  • Liters of Water Disinfected p.a.
  • 1*30
  • Rs. 1
  • NaDCC I.P. 67 mg
  • 30 Tablets
  • Rs. 30
  • Rs. 180
  • Rs. 365
  • 365
  • 1 Family
  • 7,300 liters


How does SHUDHU Work?

Each SHUDHU tablet contains a measured dose of Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate, commonly referred to as NaDCC. When added to water SHUDHU dissolves to release a measured dose of Hypochlorous acid (free available chlorine) that is universally recognized as a safe and effective water disinfectant.

Is SHUDHU the solution for all kinds of Water borne diseases?

Yes. It is the most reliable and safest treatment for all communicable water borne germs.

Can SHUDHU Tablets be used on a long-term basis?

Yes, SHUDHU Tablets produce extremely safe levels of freely available chlorine that are comparable to those levels found in municipal tap water.

Is SHUDHU a medicine?

Yes, SHUDHU Tablets produce extremely safe levels of freely available chlorine that are comparable to those levels found in municipal tap water.

Do SHUDHU tablets contain Iodine?

No, SHUDHU tablets do not contain Iodine. Iodine has been found to cause a number of side affects and health hazards when used as a water purification agent, notably when used by pregnant women and/or when used on a long-term basis.

Are SHUDHU Tablets safe to store and transport?

Yes, SHUDHU Tablets are safe to handle and store. Unlike other water purification treatments such as Iodine or Chlorine Dioxide, SHUDHU Tablets do not require gloves, protective eyewear, or any other protective gear to be used.

Can SHUDHU cause Allergic reactions?

If used in the recommended dosage, SHUDHU is very unlikely to cause any kind of allergic reactions. Shudhu should not be used by persons who are hypersensitive and/or inherently allergic to chlorine products.

From Where can I purchase SHUDHU Tablets?

SHUDHU tablets are manufactured and sold in house, by Wockhardt Foundation. They can be can be purchased from Wockhardt Foundation.

How do I purchase SHUDHU Tablets?

SHUDHU tablets are manufactured and sold in house, by Wockhardt Foundation. They can be can be purchased from Wockhardt Foundation.

Dose SHUDHU have adverse reactions with Metal containers?

No. SHUDHU does not react adversely with any metals. It will react the same way, and effectively purify the water, regardless of the material of the container.


Dr.Hrishikesh Vishe
Manager -SHUDHU
Email ID : hvishe@wockhardtfoundation.org
Contact No: +919930449198
Please visit:www.wockhardtfoundation.org

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